Anime Cosplay Expo

Check out these Best Anime Cosplay costume at this Expo. Great pictures of their costumes. Check out this video of the event! 🙂

Disney Cosplay

Disney Cosplay at its best! Sora at Disney World! 🙂

Japanese Cosplay

Check out these Japanes theme cosplay characters. Loyal cosplay showing their costumes… it is amazing the costumes that they have come up with. A Weekend of Cosplay At It’s Best in Japan!

Manga Cosplay in Paris

I did not think that in these cold days of February I would make so many beautiful encounters and it was one of my richest conventions. Manga Cosplay in Paris I thank and warmly congratulate the cosplayers who participated in this video.

Manga Cosplay

I congratulate the cosplayers who participated in this video for their performances. I thank them for the kindness with which they responded to my requests. As always I can, if they want, indicate their FB and the time of appearance in the video. Thanks to FB Kogenta Ciosplay the Black Cat and FB Candy-Candy Cosplay…

Catwoman Cosplay

Try to find out who their favorite character is and get them a costume or accessories. For instance, an Inuyasha fan would love a necklace like the one Inuyasha wears or a play sword like he uses. Or go all out and get them a full costume just like their favorite character. Some anime fans…

Anime Cosplay Fun

Manga is simply the Japanese version of comic books or graphic novels. Many anime series are based on a manga series. Any anime fan would love the original manga their favorite anime is based on. For original Japanese manga, you can usually find some on eBay and at Japanese importers like JustManga and For…

Best Harry Potter Cosplay

Of course, the costume that you would put on for your cosplay event is not limited to your clothes. You would also need a wig, especially if the character you are showing up as has an unusual hairstyle and hair color. It may also be necessary for you to wear makeup – you would not…

Should You Buy or Should You Make Your Costume?

Would it not be nice if you have the skills to be able to make your own costume for your cosplay event? Some people are just handy with needles and threads and can use the sewing machine without a lot of difficulties. Making your own costumes gives you the chance to get all the details…

Deciding What Costume to Wear to a Cosplay

So, if you are going to a cosplay and it is your first time to attend one, how do you figure out what costume you are going to wear? First of all, you need to find out what kind of cosplay it is going to be. Is it going to be a purely anime or…